Art Direction, Design, Concept Art and Digital Matte Painting for Film, TV and Games.

I have sixteen years experience working as a Concept Artist and Digital Matte Painter, previously working as a Design Director creating opening titles, VFX and Branding for Film and Television.

I am currently working as a Senior Concept Artist at ILM London, having previously worked at some fantastic companies including Dneg (Double Negative VFX), Cinesite, Lola, Jellyfish Pictures and the BBC.

Recent work includes Antman Quantumania, TheSandman, Willow, Blade and Moonknight.

Concept work includes Hard Surface designs (vehicles, spacecraft, props and architecture), Environments, Characters and Creatures and VFX.

I predominantly use Zbrush, Keyshot, Maya / Arnold and Blender / Octane for scultping and 3D work. I also use Unreal Engine for Virtual Art Department work and I'm a big fan of Gravity Sketch for creating concepts and ideas in VR (nothing compares to being able to walk around a life size scene or sit in the cockpit of a ship that you are designing).

For 2D work, Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator (as well as traditional)

I also have many years experience using Nuke X for Digital Matte Painting and Compositing, Adobe Premiere, Avid and Final Cut Pro for editing and Adobe After Effects and associated third party tools for Motion Graphics work.